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On June 28-29, the Summer Peace Summit, the first meeting of Peace 50 non-government community, was held in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde/Brussels under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Léa of Belgium.

50 women from 14 countries of the world united in order to discuss global security and sustainable harmonious development issues. The Summit’s organisers were Barbara Dietrich (Belgium) and Marina Volynkina (Russia).

Official status or leadership in organisations is not obligatory for participation in P50. Particular actions, open heart, and readiness to use one’s energy and intellect for the for the sake of people and humanity in general are much more important. P50 community was created for concerned active women irrespective of their nationality, religion, and social status.  

The goal of P50 is to create conditions for effective communication
among women of the world for the sake of global peace. The future
of people and humanity is being formed through particular actions,
uniting projects, and active social communication!

Summit Speakers

The open discussion was participated by:

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Marina Mishunkina

First Deputy Director General of the Argumenty i Fakty Publishing House

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Marina Spirande

Professional lifecoach, author of the book ‘Mindsurfing. Conciousness Techniques for a Happy Life’

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Tatyana Vorozhtsova

Deputy Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community news agency


Summit Programme

The Summit’s rich programme was focused on achieving concrete results. Participants highly appreciated the opportunities for discussion provided by the event. Every woman could present a report or take part in an open discussion. It is important that within the two days of the Summit women communicated in an informal setting, exchanged their ideas, and worked out new cooperation projects on six fields.


Education in preservation of peace

Formation of the image of
a modern woman

Finance as a resource for building
a balanced society

Power of horizontal communication

Cultural institutes as the key pillar
of sustainable development

Social responsibility of media

Open Atmosphere

The Summit has created a great atmosphere of creativity, openness, and sincerity. All participants had the desire to not only express their ideas and listen to their colleagues but also support, motivate, and inspire one another.

Living Tomorrow

The Living Tomorrow innovation space, which served as the venue for the Summit, contributed to that. It harmoniously united new technologies, art, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Living Tomorrow provided wonderful conditions for work starting with comfortable hall for holding the event and finishing with well-conceived healthy dishes that became real pieces of art.

Willem Elias

Visual arts adviser for minister of culture, art education professor, and art critic.
Willem Elias is a professor emeritus at the Free University of Brussels, founder and president of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, head of Kwasimodo and Kunstwerk.
The art critic received great recognition for his contribution to creation of the theoretical basis related to the heritage of his country. In his book ‘Aspects of Belgian Art after 1945’, Willem Elias told about some art movements that emerged during the above mentioned period. He studied the artworks of many Belgian artists about whom he wrote separate chapters.
Another famous book by Willem Elis is titled ‘Signs of the Time’. It represent the investigation into contemporary art theory and the philosophy of art from 1945 till postmodernism. 

Paul Van Hoeydonck

Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck is famous in many countries as the creator of the first piece of art on the Moon. His artwork’s name is Fallen Astronaut. It is only 8.5 centimetres (3.3 inches) tall.
The sculpture is an aluminium figure of an astronaut. It was sent to the Moon with the Apollo 15 commander David Scott on August 1, 1971 to commemorate the humans who have died when advancing space exploration. Since then, the monument’s location hasn’t changed.
The small figure lies not far from the crater of Bela near the plaque listing 14 names. The list included 8 American and 6 Soviet astronauts and cosmonauts.
The artist’s artworks are also presented at Waddell Gallery in New York. It was Louise Tolliver Deutschman, the director of this gallery, who inspired Paul Van Hoeydonck to get art into space many years ago.  

Dr Pick Keobandith

Pick Keobandith is an expert in art and cultural diplomacy with 30 years of experience. She graduated from the Ecole du Louvre, received her Doctorate in Art History from the University of Rennes 2, and made a brilliant career in Paris. Ms. Keobandith became an adviser to Sydney Picasso and then was an exhibition commissioner with Galerie Piltzer and Galerie Anne de Villepoix. After that, she worked at Gallery Templon and taught at Christie’s Education art institute.
In 2016, Pick Keobandith founded Inspiring Culture international platform based in Brussels and focusing on promotion of contemporary art, particularly sculpture. Dr. Keobandith heads an international team working on the development of art institute, organisation of cultural events, and implementation of creative projects, develops concepts of exhibitions, and conducts academic research.
Art has no frontiers. This is one of the main principles of Inspiring Culture. The organisation contributes to establishment of cultural relations and fruitful cultural exchange among China, Europe, and different countries of the world. For 13 years already, Pick Keobandith has been in active dialogue with several Chinese and European museums. She also has been cooperating with Dialogue With Emperor Qin project.
Pick Keobandith is an expert consultant to such magazines as Diplomatic World and Target Laos.  

Ulrike Bolenz

German-Belgian artist who pays much attention to the topic of peace and freedom. In her works, Ulrike Bolenz often combines social, political, and relevant scientific topics. Her artworks include sculptures, large-sized installations performed in a unique photo-sculptural technique, and paintings.
‘Seven Pillars of Laugh’ is one of the most popular works by Ulrike Bolenz. Pillars are supporting structural elements in architecture. Sound policy is in the same way a supporting element in building the human society. Through her works, Ms. Bolenz reminds the world about the fact that only the joy of human existence can strengthen tolerance, solidarity, and deep understanding of the problem of diversity of human thought and religion.
The artist calls upon people to preserve peace and individual liberties and respect cultural diversity. She is convinced that today people must unite and focus their efforts on contributing to economic growth and improvement of the quality of life in different countries. 

Liudmila Norsoyan

Clothes designer and founder of the Norsoyan innovative knitwear brand. Since 1990s, Liudmila Norsoyan has been developing and producing collections for Russian and international fashion houses in Russia, Italy, Japan, China, Turkey, and other countries.
Today, Ms. Norsoyan is a trendsetter and popularizer of macro trends in the fashion industry of Made in Internet epoch. She is also known as founder, ideologist, and lecturer of the Fashion Factory School education platform for fashion business. The designer delivers lectures at Bunka Fashion College, Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, Moscow Art-Industrial Institute, Fashion Consulting Group, and MBA Fashion Industry course of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Ms. Norsoyan is a jury member of Russian Silhouette international contest of young designers. She also acts as a curator within the framework of cultural and educational programmes.
Liudmila Norsoyan is a participant of many international projects and exhibitions such as Japan Knit Brand, RFW-MBFWR Russia Fashion Week, Palazo Pitti Florence, and Spinexpo Shanghai.
Charity and social activities occupy an important place in the designer’s life. Ms. Norsoyan founded the Angels of Life project, which is focused on fighting with oncological diseases. She is also an active participant of one of the projects of Unity Movement. 

Louisa Burnett-Hall

Famous French artist. In her works, Ms. Burnett-Hall pays much attention to the theme of water, which she considers the symbol of the passing time, the ephemeral, and at the same time an integral part of life on Earth.
In 2014, Qu Art institution invited Louisa Burnett-Hall to represent France in Suzhou, China within the framework of cultural exchange between the two countries. Society and art experts both warmly accepted her works. Later, the artist took part in many exhibitions in major Chinese public museums.
Artworks by Louisa Burnett-Hall dedicated to the theme of water is often compared to a bridge spanning East and West overcoming linguistic barriers. Her works have the capacity to become a peculiar instrument uniting people who understand that water is one of the most important resources on Earth.
Ms. Burnett-Hall not only obtained a Fine Art MA Hons. Degree but also received a PGCE teaching diploma. Today, she works as a part-time drawing tutor at ESAM Design School in Paris and is an author of a popular crash course in drawing for adults allowing many people to make career changes and obtain further education in the field of design. 

Kaixuan Feng

Chinese artist living and working in France living and working in France, professor of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in China. In her artworks, Kaixuan Feng refers to such forms as performance, photography, calligraphy, painting, video, creation of dress, and staging.
Ms. Feng received education in Chinese painting and contemporary art. She manages to unite these two branches in her artworks. She is known as an artist not only in France and China but also in the international arena.
Kaixuan Feng’s artistic approach is related to the so-called ‘body language’. The artist creates artworks using her hair soaked with Chinese ink. In performances, paintings, and stagings, she pays much attention to gestures providing them with symbolic power. She also paints landscapes on human bodies.
Ms. Feng paints on used coffee filters, the shape of which reminds the Chinese paper fan. Her artworks of great finesse are the sceneries repeating the coffee marks. The artist likes to use old neglected things to create new interesting and beautiful objects. 

Concetta Spitaleri

Italian floral artist, creative entrepreneur with extensive working experience. Concetta Spitaleri held high-ranking positions within Europeans leading entertainment, telecom and fashion firms. Later she launcher her own high-end brand. Her activity is focused on preservation of the long-lasting natural beauty.
Today, Concetta Spitaleri is the Founder and Managing Director of RosaPiù, which is a Belgian company specialising on artistic floral decorations made of long lasting natural plants. Thanks to special ecological solutions replacing water, the artist managed to preserve the beauty and scent of flowers for several years.
Ms. Spitaleri creates not just decorative elements but real pieces of arts. Black Square made of Ecuadorian roses covered with diamond dust is one of the most famous works of the artists. The artwork is dedicated to Kazimir Malevich’s artistic heritage and is exhibited at major international platforms.
Flowers preservation is not a new concept. However, Ms. Spitaleri’s artistic talent, environmental awareness, and attention to detail make her works unique.  

Michael Lewis-Anderson

Michael Lewis-Anderson is a cake designer to the Royal court of Belgium. He is world-famous for his unique ‘sweet pieces of art’. His culinary masterpieces decorate celebrations and diplomatic meetings of the highest level.

Mr. Lewis-Anderson made the wedding cake for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, the first cake for peace at the Justice Palace of Freedom in Hague, and the cake to celebrate peace in the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. He also recreated the wedding cake of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of 1840, which is on a European tour.
In Austria, the cake designer was awarded with a golden medal for his dedication towards preservation and development of peace.

Michael Lewis-Anderson always approaches to creation of cakes with great responsibility and thoughtfulness. He believes that sweet things can make people kinder and happier. A cake is always associated with a celebration, brings us back to warm memories, and contributes to bringing people together over a cup of tea. According to Mr. Lewis-Anderson, cake for the guests is a peculiar diplomatic move. 

Dieter Brockmeyer

Expert in Media Industry and Innovation, co-founder of the Diplomatic World Institute and publisher of the Diplomatic World Magazine in Belgium, author of books and numerous articles for magazines.

Dieter Brockmeyer is a speaker of international level and specialist carrying out consulting activities in the field of media and innovation. He initiated and chaired eur§reg and Multichannel Money Streams Congress, the events for media representatives and TV executives from all over Europe. The meetings are focused on discussion of new business models and thematic regulatory framework issues.

In 2014, on the initiative of Mr. Brockmeyer, the Global Media Innovator (GMI) contest for companies impacting global digital community was established. The event had three seasons. The results of the last contest were summed up in 2018.

Today, Dieter Brockmeyer jointly with Diplomatic World Group is developing innovation concepts in Brussels. 

Dreams in Space

At the second day of the event, participants visited Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel Hospital where children with oncological diseases receive treatment within the Space Suit Art Project, which is a charitable initiative. The children painted their dreams on a space suit. The space suit will be launched into space in March 2020.

The project was jointly initiated by such charitable organisations as Space for Art Foundation (the USA) and Unity (Russia) in partnership with NASA and Roscosmos. Children from Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and Belgium have already painted their dreams on the space suit. Nine other countries are to join the project.

The Summit participants discussed issues of support of children suffering from serious diseases with the hospital representatives in order to exchange experience and spread the best practices from the local level to the global one. On this day, children and adults became one soul and united their efforts to achieve remarkable results!  

Summit Photo Album

Photos are provided by the Eurasian Women's Community news agency

Summit Organisers